When you think you have a problem, start by acknowledging you have a problem. This may seem obvious. It seems that this is what would happen. But it is actually not so. As humans we have this instinct of ignoring tensions and stress, to help us focus on the present. We try to think that we don’t have a problem. But don’t mistake this for optimism.

Remember, we are human beings. We have the power to think and decide. And doing so has got us this far. A problem is a problem, and it needs a solution. Its so easy to just say ‘I don’t know’ and move on. But every moment that we delay the problem, it becomes more urgent.

Every little moment when the problem arises we make a conscious effort to get it out of our head. We simply don’t know the answer isn’t it? Then why should I think about the question. Well, it turns out every question worth asking, is worth answering.

Which college do you want to go to? I don’t know. What do you want to do in life? I don’t know. Is it time to leave this job and move on? I don’t know. Should I implement my idea, and start a company now? I don’t know. Why am I so sad and depressed? I don’t know.

You will be surprised how easy, how amazingly easy it is to delay these questions. And we happily delay them till they are of utmost urgency. We hasten, and we fail. We blame luck.

So start by acknowledging the problem, framing a question and trying to answer it. You may not notice, but these pending unanswered questions in your mind keep your mind half occupied. Get them out. Put them on paper. Think over them when you are able to give your full.

Trying to solve a problem enables us to realize what change is required. Its not something that can be put in words, written in an equation or painted on paper. It is something your inner-self will realize and understand. Your job is to help your inner-self understand.

Thats it, your job is over. Its not up to you to bring about this change. You are not the one in control. Change occurs by itself. Just like we change as we grow older.

Change comes itself, just start by answering.

- Param Aggarwal

Originally published at paramaggarwal.com.

Written by

Software guy. When you try to tell computers what to do, you eventually learn about human nature as well. (http://paramaggarwal.com)

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