India is more westernized now than it was during the British rule

Its sad.

Thousands of people have given blood for independence, and hundreds of freedom fighters sacrificed their lives. But the true aim of the Britishers has now been fulfilled, by actually doing nothing after giving us independence.

It is we who forgot the true aim of our fighters and leaders. To keep alive the cultural heritage, diversity, respect and use of domestic products. We feel that these things are still there, but it is only so because these were so plentiful that even after reducing so much they still exist. It is a matter of time before they die completely, and India loses it culturally rich image completely.

India will then be seen as a country with people who can be made to do work cheaply. As a country with people who spend 15 years of their life studying and rote-learning and then slaving to write code and provide call center services to the Americans.

Historically also, it had been a land where you could get people to work for you cheaply. And make no mistake, it still is. Only that now instead of manual labour (which has shifted to China) we now are writing code according to the requirements of the western people and accepting their calls. This is actually laborious work that may very well be replaced by computers with developments in speech recognition and artificial intelligence.

Thomas Friedman has rightly noticed this in his book — The World Is Flat. But he being an American, has presented it to the Americans as a threat to their people. At the same time he says that America will still lead and win because it is driven by innovation and creativity. Thats what is important.

When you work for someone else’s idea, you are his slave. Physically or mentally, you are doing the donkey’s work.

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Software guy. When you try to tell computers what to do, you eventually learn about human nature as well. (

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