Scrolling Tweets — A tiny display for the latest news.

Yesterday, I finished up building a little module controlled with just 5 wires to display any scrolling text on a matrix display of 64 LEDs.

Today, it was time to take it to the next step. Getting realtime tweets from my favorite site The Verge and displaying them.

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For this, I needed:

WiFly Shield from Sparkfun — This little shield helps the Arduino connect straight to the internet via WiFi. No wires.

LiPower Shield from Sparkfun — Another shield stacked on to take power from a LiPoly battery and keep the whole device completely wireless.

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In addition there was the trusty Arduino Uno and a little speaker to beep when new tweets are going to be displayed.

There is quite a mess of wires now.

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In the process of building it, I also had to build a tiny application which I hosted on Heroku. It’s job is to call the Twitter API and parse the reply into a tiny package which the Arduino can then understand.

Here is the full code on Github:

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