Sell Like You Share : Thoughts on Gumroad

Came across Gumroad the other day. It is based on the idea that selling should be as way as sharing. Founder Sahil Lavingia, with an impressive background of building his own apps like Dayta and an early employee at the now sensational Pinterest, saw that selling creative stuff online, was a space ripe for disruption.

The internet held many promises. One of them being that it would render middlemen obsolete. Anyone who created things, could now sell directly. But it didn’t happen. Companies kept trying to be the middleman and it didn’t work.

A new medium has to lead to disruption. Public radio brought widespread reach. CDs brought widespread distribution. The internet? It combines reach, distribution, payments and even saying hi to your customers. Many companies came, some focused on accepting payments, some on giving exposure or some just on advertising. But no one could get the formula right.

I believe Gumroad holds promise. Let it know what you wish to sell, and set a price. It gives you a short link. Go ahead, share it with your followers. Gumroad handles the rest.

Is Gumroad a payment service? A distribution service? A store-front. Gumroad says it best — Sell like you share.

Isn’t it another middle-man you say. Get this, it doesn’t even have an ‘Explore’ page. You simply cannot find out what is being sold using it.

Gumroad has a simple premise. Make it dead simple to sell.

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