The Problem with Ebooks

Digital books can’t beat printed books if they continue to just simply be digital forms of printed text. They need to play a different game.

Amazon has always marketed Kindle very strongly. Their primary revenue though continues to be physical books, movies, televisions, ovens, shampoos and the quintessential baby diapers. I personally prefer printed books because they don’t distract and are easier on the eyes.

  1. Offer sharing unheard of in the paperback world. Let me select a block of text and share it to my favourite social networks, with a link back to purchasing the book. Also, let me gift copies to my friends easily, like Apple’s app gifting works. Just a text box with emails comma-separated to gift to. Also sync read position between devices.
  2. Become the publisher. What I suggest here is pretty much Amazon Singles. But they haven’t thought big enough. This is India! Let people self publish books in any language for under Rs. 100. Keep 30%, and let them keep the rights. The quantity of content relevant to India that Flipkart would have would out rival anything Amazon can ever dream. Next, ebooks that sell well, can then be printed for guaranteed sales.

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Software guy. When you try to tell computers what to do, you eventually learn about human nature as well. (

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