On a hot sunny day, it rains, and you let it soak you. It becomes the high point of an otherwise planned out day. It’s the unplanned.

Your best buddy shows up at a planned movie-going plan, and you later go out for a fun bowling match. It’s the unplanned.

You plan a dense evening, but the show turns out a flop, so you leave and have a blast with your friends instead. It’s the unplanned.

The restaurant you spent hours deciding, has bad service. So you walk out and try a random restaurant which you end up loving. It’s the unplanned.

The world is full of serendipity. Don’t fight them with your planning.


Originally published at paramaggarwal.com.

Written by

Software guy. When you try to tell computers what to do, you eventually learn about human nature as well. (http://paramaggarwal.com)

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